Sunday, 14 December 2008

My faulty Baumatic cooker hood!

I've got a good moan to make. No, not about art, but something totally different. Summer of 2007 we had a new kitchen installed - Yes, you can imagine the chaos. Several weeks of no lighting, cooking via microwave - No sink, a bucket. No doubt you've been through similar. I won't mention the rest of the house, total refurbishment etc.. etc..
However, we had a new cooker hood installed, provided by a company called Baumatic. No sooner was it out of guarantee than if packed up! It emitted a terrible sound. Picked up the phone to the service department, but really they didn't want to know. However, they said they would send out an engineer to replace any faulty part, but charge a staggering £88! Could buy the complete thing for a bit more. Anyway, send the engineer. He duly came, spent 20 minutes replacing a faulty plastic fan, collected the £88 and off he went. I felt disappointed by the service, given that it was just out of guarantee and I was a new customer. I wrote to the company about my disappointment, but they weren't sympathetic. Wrote to the head of the company personally. He didn't even reply! So beware, before buying any Baumatic product, just recall my experience. I, for one, will never purchase anything from them again.

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