Saturday, 31 January 2009

Portrait of President Barack Obama

After seeing Barack Obama being sworn in as America's next President, I couldn't help but paint his portrait. It's as simple as that. The size is 30x36 inches, oil on canvas, price £460, plus shipping costs. Any collector interested in this portrait, please contact me:

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Start of a New Year!

So, the holiday period is behind us and we can all get back to our daily routine! Though I was still busy, not necessarily producing work, but working on the internet, trying to get a stronger presence. This takes loads of time and effort! Went to my studio on 1st January, but it was so cold (given I hadn't been there for over a week and it had become like a fridge) that whilst there I promptly contracted a cold! Came home. Ok, so we are now into the New Year, and my teaching will commence again in a few days. Our life drawing class will start in a few weeks, so am displaying here two photos that I hope will give a flavour as to how the class operates. Wishing all my followers the very best in the New Year, and please keep in touch.